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Welcome at the website of Jelle van der Ploeg.

A realistic fine painter with a classical, according to traditional methods, way of working and adverse to modern and abstract thinking.
Jelle was born in 1940 in Magalang (Netherlands East Indies) where he lived with his mother and two brothers in a Japanese prisoner’s camp.
During the police turmoil in 1950 van der Ploeg family escaped Netherlands East Indies and lived for a long time in Bergen (Noord-Holland, the Netherlands).
Already at the primary school Jelle attracted attention because of his extraordinary drawing capabilities.
Unfortunately after the primary school he had to follow a technical education, which was at that time the way to go for. This despite an attempt of his teacher to having Jelle registered in the Academy of Arts.

During painting in his free time he got interested in the art of the so-called “Old Masters”. He learned drawing from a model and followed an education to commercial artist.
Because of his passion for Old Masters he immersed in the oil-painting layer by layer technique.
Due to competence, intensive training and observation of among others townscapes of Cornelis Springer, he succeeded to master this technique.

The wealth to mix colors having the radiating power of old paintings provides him with freedom to paint what inspires him deeply.
As a self-educated man for 30 years, Jelle is able, because of the correct color choice, use of light and shadow that his paintings are like life.
His passionate drive to create like a fine painter will most people touch looking at Jelle’s paintings.

As old friend I had the pleasure to follow Jelle closely and saw him developing his skills and invite you to share his passion with us.

K.Charles Barten
Xanadu Kunst en Antiek

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Jelle van der Ploeg is a member of: Stichting Kustweek en NABK - Nationale Associatie voor Beeldend  Kunstenaar.

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